The fast growth of social media platforms have managed to totally change the way in which clients and companies communicate, sell, and provide customer service. When choosing the right channels to implement campaigns though, always take into consideration the customer distinct niche and the area of expertise your business works with.

CRM for Marketing

CRM # Pinterest and your Business?

Danmar Computers advises you to stat-boosting your brand’s performance with Pinterest when you are working on teaching your customers how to use a product better. Using Pinterest is all about visual content and this visual language is what sets the site apart from the other great social media platforms. If you identify that an aesthetic approach is just what your company needs, Pinterest enables you to use links and product pictures, craft ideas, handmade concepts and projects, fashions and other types of infographics and content.


CRM # Twitter and your Business?

Danmar Computers advises you to stat-boosting your brand’s performance with Twitter, a ‘microblogging’ system that allows businesses to interact, send and receive short posts called tweets.  A customer can choose to follow brands and organizations with similar academic and personal interests that are similar to them. Today, Twitter skyrocketed in popularity over the years among various communities and is becoming a valuable tool for businesses all over the globe.

Tweets can be up to 140 characters long and can include links to relevant websites and resources. Twitter users follow peoples tweets in the twitter ‘timeline’, they can create their own tweets and can also retweet information that has been tweeted by others uses. Only create accounts on those platforms that are used by your target audience, this will enable them to faster connect with your online brand.