We would be glad to present a list of trustable CRM’s to help your business. Among the most popular products to date, we can single out the company 1C-Bitrix24. This is a good budget solution, which often suits B2B customers, less often – to B2C companies, in the basic version.

The main feature of Bitrix24 is the so-called “Live Tape” function, where you can place a message and send it to certain employees, which greatly reduces the internal correspondence. Initially, it was a corporate portal, where a CRM module was added later.

In Bitrix, the question from the side of the lead processing is quite well refined. The site interacts with the system in two scenarios: as an order from an online store with Site Management (1C Bitrix solution for sites), which immediately getting into transactions (classic eCommerce format), and in the form of receiving leads in Bitrix24 from web forms (The functionality of the Site Management, the “engine”), or in the form of requests for mail, for example, if you provide some services and the client needs a consultation.

Sometimes there is a situation where the sales department needs one CRM-system, call-center – another, and so on. Of course, from the point of view of general control and controllability – this is unprofitable. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to concentrate in one product the management of all processes, from the site and the initial processing of leads to shipment and analytics via sales channels, this solution will be ideal.